Selection Process & Recognition
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Selection Process & Recognition


Winning studies are selected through a three-step process.The CR Forum’s Board of Directors serve as the selection committee. Herbert Pardes, MD, established and endowed the top prize, so he recuses himself from the selection process. Using the selection criteria outlined below, the committee members review all nominated studies to first identify the top 20; the list is then narrowed to the top 10 and a final review identifies the top 3 winners.

Selection criteria:

  • Degree of innovation and creativity involved and its advancement of the science in a specific area
  • Contribution to the understanding of human disease and/or human physiology
  • Potential impact upon the diagnosis, prevention and/or treatment or increased understanding of the disease state


  • Individual investigator (solo work) or a representative from the team (group project) must attend the Clinical Research Forum annual meeting in Washington, DC to:
    • Receive the award in person at the annual awards dinner on Tuesday, April 14, 2020
    • Provide a one-minute video interview for use in social media 
    • Present/share research findings in a panel session and with a poster during Translational Science, April 15-17, 2020. 
    • Participate in congressional visits during Hill Day on April 15
  • Top 3 winners receive a monetary award:
    • Herb Pardes Clinical Research Excellence Award ($7,500)
    • Distinguished Clinical Research Achievement Award (2 selected; $5,000)
  • CR Forum will provide a travel stipend and hotel accommodations for a single team representative to attend the annual meeting. Other team members are welcome to attend award presentation and meeting at their own expense. They will also be eligible to register for meeting at member rates.
  • Winners will be notified by the end of January 2020. 


Contact the Clinical Research Forum:
Phone:  (202) 367-1176