History of the Forum
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History of the Forum

The Clinical Research Forum was established in 1996 to provide a forum for discussions of the unique and complex challenges to clinical research among the senior clinical research leadership of leading academic health and science systems (AHASs). Over the past decade, it has convened these senior thought leaders in clinical research annually and has continued to provide a unique forum for discussion of common issues across the full spectrum of clinical and translational research.

The presence of the Forum has enabled the sharing of best practices in clinical research, provided a unique opportunity for meaningful policy dialogues among this leadership, and increasingly, played a national advocacy role in support of the broader interests and needs of clinical research.

The Forum’s growing support is comprised of the nation’s leading academic health centers and has expanded to include other not-for-profit organizations, information technology and pharmaceutical firms, government leaders, industry and foundations that share goals for addressing the challenges and opportunities facing our nation’s clinical research enterprise. The Forum is committed to working collaboratively in those areas where it is uniquely positioned to have a significant impact.


Collaborative Activities

The Forum collaborates in a number of key areas around clinical research:
  • Clinical Research Forum Annual Meeting – Providing continuing opportunities to promote the sharing of best practices and to debate substantive scientific and policy issues facing this field

  • Information Technology Roundtable – Involving AHC clinical research IT leadership, public sector and industry to share best practices and address common IT clinical research infrastructure issues; IT conference held in fall annually

  • Clinical Research Advocacy – Collaborating with other professional organizations to promote the advancement and support of clinical and translational research to Congress and federal agencies

  • Patient Group Partnerships – Collaborating with key volunteer health associations and patient groups to identify mutual interests and to develop a pathway for partnering

  • Industry Roundtable – Addressing issues affecting both industry and academia and our overlapping concerns about how to improve the national clinical research system

  • Top 10 Clinical Research Achievement Awards – Identifying clinical research accomplishments annually and promoting return on investment in clinical research

The Clinical Research Forum is thus a unique national resource for advancing America’s clinical research agenda.