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Representative Roybal-Allard Proves Again to be a Friend of AHRQ

Friday, October 14, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Blake Goodman
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In Rep. Roybal-Allard's (D-CA) latest op-ed “Irresponsible Budget Cuts Increase Healthcare Waste,” published October 4, 2016 in The Hill, she speaks to the AHRQ's importance in improving health and health care in the United States:

“As is often noted, America spends more on healthcare per capita than other developed nations, yet experiences poorer health outcomes. Our lackluster performance is due in part to “wasteful” spending — the overuse, underuse and inappropriate use of healthcare. Among the negative results are hospital readmissions, hospital-acquired infections, improper treatment, unnecessary treatment and medical errors. In addition to the pain and suffering these results cause patients, experts tell us such wasteful spending costs Americans as much as $900 million a year. The AHRQ discovers ineffective and harmful treatments, studies ways to eliminate them and facilitates better health outcomes through evidence-based improvements in care delivery.”

She goes on to note how the last round of funding cuts resulted in the termination of the HIV Research Network, a program that improved care for those living with HIV, and questions “what other lifesaving and value-enhancing research will be lost in the name of reducing deficits in the short term.”

Read her full op-ed here.